Pole Structure Maintenance

Gingerich Pole Structure

Because of the materials used, pole barns require less maintenance than other types of buildings. However, it is still good to keep up with regular maintenance to avoid any damage or wear and tear to your building. Follow these pole structure maintenance tips to help keep your building looking great and in superior shape through the years. 

Check your roof

It is extremely important to check the roof of your pole structure, especially after the winter months. Even though pole structures are built to withstand all types of weather, too much snow can be harsh on your roof. Ice dams may happen and cause damage to your roof and increase your chances of leaks. 

Clean your gutters and downspouts

Serious damage can be done when water leaks into your structure. This can be avoided by cleaning and removing leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts. 

Clean your siding

Not only can wind kick up dirt onto the siding of your structure, but it can also kick up branches and other objects that can leave damage to it. You can also cause damage to the siding of your structure when mowing close to it. Your mower may kick up rocks and dirt that will leave marks on your building. You can quickly enhance the appeal of your building by pressure washing it. We recommend washing your building once a year to help the visual appeal of your structure. You could also avoid more dents by applying wainscot. Ask the professionals at Gingerich Structures about applying wainscot to your barn. 

Seal doors and windows

Check all your doors and windows for leaks and drafts. This will help keep cold temperatures from leaking through, which is important if you have livestock inside. Sealing your doors and windows will also help keep moisture from coming in and forming mold and mildew. 

At Gingerich Structures, we know there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect structure for your needs, but choosing the right site is the key to a long, low-maintenance high-quality building. We offer a wide variety of building styles at Gingerich Structures. No matter what look you're going for, you can count on us for the options you need. We proudly have over 20-years of experience building everything from machine sheds to hobby shops! Call us today to get a FREE quote on your next building project (402) 426-5022.


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