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Pole Barns and Post Frame Buildings: The Big Differences

No two industry terms get misused quite as much as these two: pole barns and post frame buildings. But, if you really think about it, they do paint quite a similar picture. Are there notable differences between a pole and a post, aside from the possibility that one is round and another rectangular? There are significant differences aside from the aesthetic of the material utilized in constructing these two types of structures. Gingerich Structures , an outdoor garage and post-frame building construction company, will clear up any confusion. First, let's explore where the term 'pole barn' came from and what actually goes into constructing such a structure. Then in comparison, post-frame buildings will largely define themselves and help guide you in deciding which of the two you are better off utilizing on your property. A History of Pole Barns The construction of the pole barn has been around for centuries. Their birth was a testament to human critical thinking and engineeri

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