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Waterproofing Your Post Frame Building

Your new post-frame building is completed and it‘s the perfect combination of beauty and function. But how do you maintain your building so it looks as good as the day was erected? 
From buildings and vehicles to tools and electronics, proper maintenance is a key part of extending its life. Taking proper care of your post-frame building is not only vital for your safety, but also for the belongings stored inside. You don’t want your agricultural equipment, livestock, or sporting gear to become damaged. 
While no building will truly last forever, your post-frame building can stay in ideal condition for years to come with proper care and maintenance. One of the most common ways to protect and maintain your building is waterproofing. 
Why Waterproofing?  Waterproofing involves the use of coatings to protect the building’s contents and well as structural integrity. This helps to create an envelope, or controlled environment, to protect the building from water and excess moisture. 
Moisture is …

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