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Choosing the Best Site for your Structure

The decision to add a new structure to your property can be an exciting prospect. You might envision the capabilities and extra space it will provide, and the ways you will use it. Indeed, a new structure will provide you with enough space to do a variety of things and comes in many different styles, designs, and sizes, but choosing a structure is just one piece of the puzzle. Before you get started, you’ll need to take careful consideration on the site of your new structure. At Gingerich Structures, we focus on quality over quantity so you can rest assured your new garage, hobby shop, machine shed, or equestrian building will withstand all the elements and be a permanent part your property for years to come, making the location an integral component of the planning process. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a location.
Zoning: Before you start the construction process you will need to ensure the proper compliance with your local county’s zoning requirements. Each municipal…

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