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The Benefits of Post-Frame Structures

You’ve never heard of a post-frame building? Well, you’ve probably heard of a pole-barn. Post-frame is just the evolution from using poles for the structure to using square columns or posts. Square posts are much stronger, easier to build with, and more precise than traditional poles. Post-frame structures have traditionally been used for garages, hobby shops, sheds, horse stables and arenas, workshops, storage units, feed storage, warehouses, but now also are used for any low-rise construction, including residential and commercial buildings from churches, to medical clinics, to fire stations, schools, car dealerships and more.
What Makes Post-Frame Construction So Appealing and Practical? Post-frame building construction is flexible and sustainable making it a very popular option among engineers, architects, and building designers. Post-frame construction transfers weight load to the ground or to a concrete pier using an interlocking frame that can handle heavier loads than stud-wall c…

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