The Benefits of Post-Frame Structures

Post frame construction building
You’ve never heard of a post-frame building? Well, you’ve probably heard of a pole-barn. Post-frame is just the evolution from using poles for the structure to using square columns or posts. Square posts are much stronger, easier to build with, and more precise than traditional poles. Post-frame structures have traditionally been used for garages, hobby shops, sheds, horse stables and arenas, workshops, storage units, feed storage, warehouses, but now also are used for any low-rise construction, including residential and commercial buildings from churches, to medical clinics, to fire stations, schools, car dealerships and more.

What Makes Post-Frame Construction So Appealing and Practical?
Post-frame building construction is flexible and sustainable making it a very popular option among engineers, architects, and building designers. Post-frame construction transfers weight load to the ground or to a concrete pier using an interlocking frame that can handle heavier loads than stud-wall construction. Post-frame buildings also meet the standards of Uniform Building Code (UBC) and International Building Code (IBC).

Post-Frame Construction Advantages
Because we associate pole barns with farm and agricultural buildings, the advantages and benefits of post-frame construction are misperceived and go underappreciated. Post-frame construction is now growing in popularity as a solid choice structurally and economically compared to more conventional construction methods. Post-frame buildings provide versatility, durability, build speed, and sustainability, while not sparing quality and aesthetics. You would probably be surprised at how many buildings in your area have been built using a post-frame building system.

Here are many of the advantages of choosing post-frame construction over other methods:

  1. Fast construction - less site preparation, no need to pour a continuous foundation speeds up the building process.
  2. Cost reduction - fewer necessary building components, fewer trade specialists needed, and no necessary interior load-bearing walls, all contribute to cost savings.
  3. Super strength and durability - posts are anchored solidly 4 or more feet below the surface which transfers snow and wind loads down to the ground giving the building greater strength.
  4. Better insulation - posts can be spaced far apart creating more room for insulation which helps to meet or exceeds code requirements and provide better ventilation. This is a great energy saver.
  5. Larger openings - the ability to space posts further apart allows for wider openings, doorways, and windows.

At Gingerich Structures, we know there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect structure for your needs, but choosing the right site is the key to a long, low-maintenance high-quality post frame building. We offer a wide variety of building styles at Gingerich Structures. No matter what look you're going for, you can count on us for the options you need. We proudly have over 15 years of experience building everything from machine sheds to hobby shops! Call us today to get a FREE quote on your next building project (402) 426-5022.


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